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Which Type Of Assessment Book Is Suitable For You?

A walk in bookstores like Popular is sometimes stressful for students and parents; especially when it comes to choosing the right type of assessment books. Not to fret, we offer some advice when it comes to picking the right type of assessment books for yourself.

The magical answer is: it depends.

It depends on:

1) Your Objective

Assessment books are classified into different types. Examples include "guidebooks", "topical revision books", "section focus training books", "examination practice papers" as well as "past year national examination papers".

Before choosing the type, understand where your weaknesses for a subject is. Should you feel you lack the foundation for a certain subject, as well as fare badly in specific topics of a subject, guidebooks and topical revision books may be your choice.

Bottomline: always know what you need before spending that few dollars on the assessment books.

2) Your Ability

While most assessment books offer different competency levels when it comes to practice questions, some books just consist of one specific type. If you are looking for very challenging questions to further your knowledge of the subject, consider taking up advanced level assessment books. If you are just looking for your daily scoop of practice questions, consider intermediate type, or a mixture of all levels from basic to hard.

3) The Duration You Are Buying

Some books comprise a few volumes. Volume 1 may only cover certain topics. If you are preparing for final year national examinations, just a small part will not be enough. You may consider buying all the volumes for a comprehensive exposure.

Once your school finished the syllabus tested for the final examinations; consider buying examination practice papers since it tests students with questions that combine different topics together.

With the tips mentioned above, choose your assessment books wisely!

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