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Studying Tip for General Paper

General Paper has always struck fear in the hearts of many JC students due to the breadth and depth of knowledge required. The most common question from students includes where to source for content and how to analyse issues. We will be addressing this question in this post.

Too often, students wait too late to start building their knowledge bank. Just like how Rome is not build in one day, it takes time for a student to gain exposure to a wide range of topics. The daunting task of reading seemingly endless torrent of news and articles has stopped many students from achieving their desired grades in GP. A good strategy is to build the discipline to read two articles a day, one international and one local article. Some common topics to read up on would be science, social, cultural, religion, economic, environment, arts, media, historical, education, ethics, legal, political and philosophy.

At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts to doing well for General Paper. For students who are interested in learning General Paper the fun way, sign up with Eduz Tuition today @ 9062 5285. Please refer to our website for new students on signing up with Eduz Tuition.

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