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Mathematics can be tedious (even traumatizing) at times. EduZ Tuition offers some useful tips for students to bear in mind when attempting to score for Maths.

1) Read up within the same day after Maths class

Our brain retains 70% of information first conveyed to us. And it gets less if we do not revise upon those information.

Thus, we encourage students to always have the discipline to revise on Maths topics on the day after their classes so they will be able to refresh what is taught in those classes easily.

2) Take proper notes

This should take place during the lesson. Take down key words or what the tutor says is important through the class. Since Maths is typically a visual subject, writing and listening will serve as an effective training for you to remember what you are writing as well.

3) Practise, practise and practise!

Have ample materials to revise for the various variety of questions that are likely to come out. Revisit worksheets done previously. Go through your mistakes again. Remember it is impossible to study Maths just by reading questions and then referring to solutions immediately.

4) Devise a study plan

Students can take up to 9 subjects. Devoting all your time and effort in just one subject is bound for overall failure eventually. Study early and consistently so you will be able to manage your time well when the final examinations are approaching. Do not attempt to wait until the final few weeks to cramp everything into your head. You will be stressed out.

By following closely with these study tips, you will realise that Math is a fun and wonderful subject to score :)

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