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Planning A Wonderful Holiday?

As the June school holidays are approaching, many of us will be planning for overseas holidays. We offer some holiday tips below for travelling overseas so you get to maximize your wonderful experience and fun!

01. Know Your Objectives

Everybody travels for different reasons. The first step is to ensure you are very clear about what you want to get out of your travel. Do you prefer shopping, or do you want to immerse in the country's culture? Do you just want to simply recharge your body batteries perhaps?

02. Tailor Your Trip To Meet Those Objectives

Your choice of hotels, attractions is related to your objectives. If you want lots of family bonding, an all-inclusive resort might be the choice; but if you want to explore different places, splitting up into smaller groups by day and meeting up at night, you may want to try an urban hotel instead.

03. Always Read Up Before Travelling There

There are many good guidebooks out there. Surf the Internet for more information too. The more you know, the better you will be able to appreciate the various places. You will also be able to understand the new sights, issues and people you encounter.

04. Pack Right

Pack the right clothes and equipment suitable for the weather condition over at the country. If you are travelling to a country during its dry season with strong sunlight, bring along sunscreen lotion.

05. Macro-Planning

Do not plan too many attractions or things to do within each day. Everything takes longer than you think it will. Try to do about two to three things per day. Be patient. Keeping your schedule flexible gives you ample time to enjoy each place rather than rushing through.

06. Reserve First Night For Relaxing

As a rule of thumb, keeping the first night for relaxing will help you ease your fatigue and jet lag. This is especially true if you reach the country late. Just spend the night exploring the area around your hotel and settle in for an early night rest.

07. When You've Got A Lemon, Make Lemonade

Unexpected events happen. You can fume about them or you can enjoy them. If you get lost, ask someone who looks trustworthy for help or trust your instincts. If you can't read the menu, point to what looks good. If you're stuck on a subway that breaks down, observe what the people around are doing. These experiences are part of what makes your trip more interesting.

08. Go Local

Check out the local markets. Eat what the locals eat and shop where they shop. This allows you to understand their culture better.

So what are you waiting for? Let's pack up and get some fun! :)

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