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Not Acing GP?

One of the most commonly raised questions regarding the decision to go junior colleges by secondary 4 or 5 students is, "can I pass General Paper (GP)?"

Despite being a H1 paper, it is seen as the hardest. GP is a language paper; a whopping 35% is allocated to language components! It is unlike the rest of the subjects, which have specific chapters and topics for tutors to go through. You would have heard of students who scored straight A's for their content subjects, yet failed GP for their A level examinations.

To score well for GP, it is important to have a strong command of English language. You will then have a better ability to deliver your point in a highly effective manner. Lack of vocabulary words may affect your content presentation as you may not be able to find good words to express your viewpoints.

Next, follow the PEEL format. Point-Elaboration-Example-Link. This serves as a good foundation for basic starters who just learn GP. However, always practise flexibility in your expression of different paragraphs by changing the letters. It could go by Example-Point-Elaboration-Link for example.

It is impossible to improve your language foundation overnight. Understand that you need to work hard and practise consistently to improve your English proficiency. At the same time, do more reading to follow on current affair issues so you can boost your content bank for GP essays as well.

I suggest students to download apps like "Today Online" or "Straits Times" so they can get short notifications of news around them amidst their busy schedules.

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