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How To Get Started On General Paper

The General Paper examines on both your maturity of language and your maturity of thought. These two areas are clearly complementary to each other. More importantly, both of these are developmental- meaning that you cannot 'chiong' for General Paper in the same way that you can do desperate last-minute revision for content-based subjects. The correct manner of approach would be adopt a conscientious, consistent and continuous approach to ensure steady, gradual improvement. The key to success is perseverance - there are no miracle, over night cures for improving your for improving your language skills or increasing your depth and range of thought. As well as being persistent, you also need to be proactive and purposeful in order to improve your command English, increase your awareness of current events and enhance your appreciation of important issues.

These is a list of habits that students can consider adopting everyday.

1) Listen to the BBC World Service news Singapore FM 88.9 on the radio every day

2) Watch the news in news in English on television

3) Subscribe to English newspaper and current affairs magazines

4) Take an active interest in the world events and topical issues

5) Keep and build a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine articles relevant to local and international issues

6) Buy and use a good dictionary

7) Compile a vocabulary list of new and useful words (with the use of dictionary)

8) Speak English whenever and wherever appropriate (incorporating the words from the list)

Finally, do not be discouraged if your performance does not improve instantly- building up your grade takes diligence and time.

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