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Finding Your Way to EduZ Tuition (Woodlands)

EduZ Tuition Woodlands Map

EduZ Tuition (Woodlands) is located at 306 Woodlands St 31 #01-35 (Level 2) Singapore 730306.

We are 5 minutes walk from Marsiling MRT and situated above Phillip Investor Centre.

The following is a guide to finding us.

#1. From Marsiling MRT, head in the direction of the main road (Woodlands Ave 3). Use the sheltered overhead bridge and cross the road.

#2. After walking down the overhead bridge, turn right towards the short flight of stairs.

#3. Walk towards Sheng Siong supermarket and S11 coffee shop. At S11, turn right and walk straight all the way. You will see Phillip Investor Centre and a UOB ATM.

We are here!

#4. Take the stairs beside the clinic beside Philips Investor Centre to level 2 and you will find us.

Click on the video below for a directional guide from Marsiling MRT station to Eduz tuition centre (Woodlands).

Should you require assistance, please call us at the respective Woodlands Branch number: 90625285.

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