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Finding Your Way To EduZ Tuition (Choa Chu Kang)

EduZ Tuition (Choa Chu Kang) is located at 223 Choa Chu Kang Central #01-237B Singapore 680223.

We are 5 minutes walk from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station and 3 minutes walk from South View LRT Station.

The following is a guide to finding us.


#1: From NS4 Choa Chu Kang Station, exit at Exit B.

#2: Find your way to KOI. You will see a traffic light crossing in front of KOI.

#3: Cross the traffic light. Follow the MRT track and walk along the shelter.

You will reach a T-junction at the end of the shelter. Cross the traffic light and we are just located in front of the basketball court.

We are here!

Click on the video below for a directional guide from Choa Chu Kang MRT station to EduZ tuition centre (Choa Chu Kang).

From Southview LRT

#1: Alight at BP2 South View LRT. Exit the station.

#2: Go straight along the shelter until you reach a bus stop.

#3: Once you reach the bus stop, walk up the stairs. Then search for a basketball court. We are directly in front of the basketball court.

We are here!

Should you require assistance, please call us at the respective Choa Chu Kang Branch number: 97973786.

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