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01. Everyone Can Get Information If They Learn How To.

To get the best from search engines like Google, you need at least a limited understanding of how it works; how to best frame your query (hint: use quotation marks to narrow your search) and what to do with the results. Spend a little time on the help pages at to hone your search skills and the vast information warehouse that is the web will soon be at your fingertips.

02. Everyone Can Get Breaking News.

Previously, the average person had to wait until the media decided what information supplied by the wire services or their own reporters they would pass on via television news or radio bulletins. Or the next day's newspaper. Now you have direct access to news via the web. Try or for starters.

You can also read daily newspapers from just about any part of the globe. Download apps like "The Straits Times" or "Channel Newsasia", switch on the notifications so they can send you snippets of news that happen recently.

03. Everyone Can Be An Expert.

Lots of people who use credible sources go to their doctors armed with well-informed questions about their conditions and a good idea of the treatment options. Sure, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but this much healthier situation than before where doctors "owned" the information and we had to accept whatever they said.

04. Everyone Can Find Directions Easily.

Don't be lazy. Learn how to use Google Maps. It helps you both locally and overseas (to a much larger extent).

05. Everyone Can Reach One Another Easily.

Social media sites have increased at an exponential rate ever since the reduction of cost in owning data network. Whatsapp, email, facebook, etc. You cannot escape.

06. Everyone Can Be A Publisher.

Publishing used to be concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy people and organisations that could afford the expensive infrastructure to print and distribute newspapers and magazines or broadcast television. Now everyone can play for next to nothing through personal websites or, more likely these days, by joining the blogging phenomenon.

07. Everyone Can Be Identified Easily.

Search for your own name on Google and you will realise how easy it is for someone to identify you. Ensure your social media sites have private settings. It is also easy to leave behind electronic traces so be very careful when opening weird emails. Never key in credit card numbers on unauthorised or suspicious websites. Don't fall scam to such tricks.

-Post Partly adopted from Readers' Digest

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