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8 Tips For Students To Reduce Stress

Within a blink of an eye, we are already months into the 2015 school term. We hope that everyone is having an amazing time in school. For the students who are stressed out in school, we will be sharing some tips that we have picked up over the years.

1) Good Sleep

We understand that school work might be overwhelming and takes up plenty of time. But your body and mind deserve good rest everyday! It is a good habit to sleep early and give yourself at least 6-8 hours of sleep each day to relax and unwind. The key to a good night sleep is to have uninterrupted rest and to sleep in a cool and dark room.

2) Exercise & Be Happy

Exercise keeps you healthy and fit and it also releases endorphins which makes you feel good. So, gather a group of friends and start on a regular exercise routine today! Lift your spirits through exercising. But do take note that exercising two hours before sleep might affect the quality of sleep for certain individuals.

3) Talk to Someone

Yak with a friend, vent your angers, tell them about your day. A simple conversation can go a long way to reduce stress.

4) Breathe in, Breathe out

When faced with stress, try this...

Breathe in through your nose. Hold your breathe for a while. Breathe out slowly.

Repeat while clearing your mind until you can feel your heart rate slow down.

5) Eat 2 Servings ofFruits & Vegetables Everyday

When faced with stressful situations, don't over indulge in caffeinated drinks and unhealthy snacks. Choose healthier options like fruits and vegetables. Remember 2 servings of fruits and vegetables each everyday will keep you healthy.

6) Find Your Own Space

Often, we find ourselves buried in piles of assignment and homework. But do find time to set aside at least 10 minutes for yourself everyday. During this "me time", put your work away and do something you really enjoy - take a walk along the beach or listen to your favourite music.

7) Laugh Out Loud!

Laughter is not only good medicine, it is also contagious! Watching someone else have a good laugh can get you laughing and joining in the fun too. A good laugh can help relieve tension. So laugh the stress away.

8) Think Positive

Your greatest enemy is usually yourself. So to overcome any obstacle, we have to start with ourselves. Maintaining a healthy and optimistic mindset can turn an "IMPOSSIBLE" into an "I M POSSIBLE".

To maintain a positive attitude, you can try saying to yourself every morning:

- Today is going to be a great day

- Things don't get better by worrying about them

- I can do it!

- There is always something to be happy about!

- Life is great! Make the best of it

We hope these 8 tips help you achieve success in life and reach out to your maximum potential.

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