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5 Things That Are Surprisingly Good For You

We are highlighting 5 'bad' things that may be good to you, if used moderately.

1) Listening to Loud Music

There is actually scientific poof that music's intensity is strongly correlated to the pleasure it brings. The louder, the more pleasure it brings.

However, exposure to loud music constantly will damage your eardrums and may lead to loss of hearing too.

On a general note, you can listen to music at 85 decibels for 8 hours, but if it is increased to 88 decibels, you should only listen to it for 4 hours.

2) Texting, Not Talking

Based on a recent survey by an international internet-based firm, 43% of respondents felt mobile phones improved family communications.

Texting may be appealing to the young generation as it allows them to keep in touch while still maintaining their own personal space. Phone calls may be misinterpreted due to the tones of voice while text messages can be edited to remove the outburst of emotions to prevent misinterpretation.

On a general note, reduce your daily texting to just 10 minutes a day to prevent text-related finger injuries.

3) Pounding the Pavements

Running is usually blamed for resulting in knee-related injuries.

However, running regularly can reduce your chance of suffering from musculo-skeletal pain. The more you exercise, the stronger your joints become.

4) Being Slightly Overweight

If you are slightly overweight, you may have greater nutritional reserves that can help carry you through possible health problems. Carrying more weight around your hips is much better than carrying them around your stomach area too.

5) Caffeine

The assumption that decaffeinated coffee and other beverages are healthier is not true.

Caffeine delays the development of Parkinson's disease in men as well as stimulating nerve cells' production of dopamine to protect nerve cells.

So, a cup of coffee occasionally can improve your health.

On a general note, people with diabetes or hypertension should reduce the intake of caffeine and drink moderately.

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