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We Simplify The Complex

Meet Our Team

Dave Lim

Math H.O.D

A NTU Nanyang Scholar with over 8 years of experience teaching at various schools including NYJC, Dave is well liked by his students for his engaging and enlightening lessons. He is featured on various magazines such as "The Excelligent".


Economics H.O.D

David has had several years of teaching experience in the private education sector. He actively listens to students' questions and makes complicated concepts easier for them to grasp.

Cao Yu Bo

Science Department

Yu Bo has been a full time private tutor for over a decade. He seeks to bring out the best in his students and is a highly motivated and results-oriented teacher.


English Department

Tumini, an experienced educator known for her effective teaching methods and rapport with students, is also currently teaching in a school.


English Department

Experienced and knowledgeable, Jency never fails to go beyond the call of duty to assist students, and her positive work attitude is deeply appreciated by students and parents alike.


Math Department

Driven by the belief that every student can learn, Wydia has been teaching with passion and patience for more than 6 years. Her clear explanations and amiable disposition make her an instant success with her pupils.


English & Math Department

June specialises in helping students develop their writing skills, and in organising English Language material in a convenient way for students to remember and apply during exams.

Min Hui

English Department

Teaching with love and passion, Min Hui firmly believes that no students should be left behind.

Danny Wong

English H.O.D

With more than 25 years of teaching experience, Danny is a firm believer in communication, his lessons are designed based on his students’ strengths and weaknesses to help them better grasp math concepts.

Jonathan Chan

Science H.O.D

Johnathan is a Nanyang President Research Scholar who has taught at TMJC and other institutions. He has over 7 years of teaching experience and has assisted numerous students in achieving excellence.


English Department

Ms Shilah is a dynamic and versatile teacher with 6 years of experience in government schools. She is a patient and caring teacher who will go the extra mile to meet individual learning needs.


Math Department

To develop their attitude towards continuous positive learning, Chistopher helps students acquire confidence in tackling tough questions, as well as see patterns and links to examination questions.

Gerald Tay


In his classes, Gerald focuses on explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner and challenges students to think deeper about what they have learnt. He enjoys teaching and gets along well with his students.


English Department

Frances is skilled in adapting her teaching style to cater to the different abilities of students and makes English relevant and interesting to her students.

Kelvin Toh

Math Department

In Kelvin's classes, he focuses on explaining mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner and challenges students to think deeper about what they have learnt. He enjoys teaching and gets along well with his students.

Liang Xun Tan

Science Department

Liang strongly believes in providing a warm and supportive learning environment for his students to develop.

Yu Lan Jing

Chinese H.O.D

Yu has almost 30 years of teaching experience. She is a responsible and goal-oriented teacher who employs a variety of teaching strategies to meet students' different learning needs and to increase their Chinese language proficiency.


English Department

Dorothy has more than 15 years of teaching experience at MOE schools. She is a dedicated educator who believes in instilling in her students the pleasure of learning.


Science Department

Kenneth has been teaching secondary school science for more than four years. To assist students learn new concepts, bridge learning gaps, he uses engaging and interesting learning materials in his classes.

Yan Yu

Math Department

Yan Yu frequently devises creative ways to reinforce his student’s learning and grasp of topics and encourages his students to take the initiative to clarify doubts and ask questions both during and after classes.


Science Department

Jackie focuses on helping students understand the root of concepts and navigate phrasing differences, enabling them to arrive at the correct answer and avoid common mistakes.


English Department

With over 10 years of teaching experience at various top government, Alam results-oriented pedagogy has enabled many students to develop an excellent command of the English language and achieve stellar grades.


Science Department

With more than 6 years of teaching experience, Navin adopts an integrated approach in explaining science concepts and provides students with authentic learning experiences.

Mohnish Ruben

Science Department

Ruben believes that understanding the subjects is better than just plain memorizing, he sparks students' curiosity and interest.