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01. Everyone Can Get Information If They Learn How To. To get the best from search engines like Google, you need at least a limited understanding of how it works; how to best frame your query (hint: use quotation marks to narrow your search) and what to do with the results. Spend a little time on the help pages at google.com to hone your search skills and the vast information warehouse that is the web will soon be at your fingertips. 02. Everyone Can Get Breaking News. Previously, the average person had to wait until the media decided what information supplied by the wire services or their own reporters they would pass on via television news or radio bulletins. Or the next day's newspaper. N

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Every year, our tutors spend a huge amount of their time creating their own set of notes for different subjects. Facts: 1) We specially allocate time for the period November to December for notes creation. 2) We gather different exam papers from different schools and review them. Then the tutors will create questions based on the reviews. 3) We update the questions every year - this ensures the notes are always following the syllabus which changes regularly. 4) We place emphasis on the ease of understanding the notes so students can follow in classes. 5) We break down the notes into lecture note (content delivery), revision questions (basic foundation) and exam questions (advanced level). Ex

Studying Tip for General Paper

General Paper has always struck fear in the hearts of many JC students due to the breadth and depth of knowledge required. The most common question from students includes where to source for content and how to analyse issues. We will be addressing this question in this post. Too often, students wait too late to start building their knowledge bank. Just like how Rome is not build in one day, it takes time for a student to gain exposure to a wide range of topics. The daunting task of reading seemingly endless torrent of news and articles has stopped many students from achieving their desired grades in GP. A good strategy is to build the discipline to read two articles a day, one international


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