Learning How To Learn

My 8 years of teaching expose me to many students who are very smart but very weak in memorising content or solving mental sums. Thus, I believe this cognitive approach benefits students by improving their comprehension and critical thinking skills. Step 1: SET GOALS. MANAGE TIME. A student takes 5-8 subjects a year on average. A school day usually lasts 6-8 hours. Imagine all the information constantly bombarding them throughout the day. The most effective way to study for a subject's content is to set a goal to reach at the end of the day. Ensure that the goal is realistic as well. For example, I may aim to complete a chapter of Maths in 3 hours today. I will focus all my energy and give m

How To Get Started On General Paper

The General Paper examines on both your maturity of language and your maturity of thought. These two areas are clearly complementary to each other. More importantly, both of these are developmental- meaning that you cannot 'chiong' for General Paper in the same way that you can do desperate last-minute revision for content-based subjects. The correct manner of approach would be adopt a conscientious, consistent and continuous approach to ensure steady, gradual improvement. The key to success is perseverance - there are no miracle, over night cures for improving your for improving your language skills or increasing your depth and range of thought. As well as being persistent, you also need t

Overcoming Challenges You Face While Studying!

It has been 7 years since EduZ Tuition is established. Every meeting our tutors will discuss what are the common challenges faced by students while they are studying. So I am writing this article in hope that it will benefit our students and anybody who is preparing for their final year examinations. 1) FOCUS You can study less at home, but you cannot sleep in class. To learn effectively, focus in every class. Listen attentively to your teachers. It then becomes much easier when you study the taught topics on your own. So, sleep early at home. 2) SET SHORT TERM GOALS It can range from giving yourself a short break after studying for a topic; to giving yourself a long break after finishing a


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