Which Type Of Assessment Book Is Suitable For You?

A walk in bookstores like Popular is sometimes stressful for students and parents; especially when it comes to choosing the right type of assessment books. Not to fret, we offer some advice when it comes to picking the right type of assessment books for yourself. The magical answer is: it depends. It depends on: 1) Your Objective Assessment books are classified into different types. Examples include "guidebooks", "topical revision books", "section focus training books", "examination practice papers" as well as "past year national examination papers". Before choosing the type, understand where your weaknesses for a subject is. Should you feel you lack the foundation for a certain subject, as

Planning A Wonderful Holiday?

As the June school holidays are approaching, many of us will be planning for overseas holidays. We offer some holiday tips below for travelling overseas so you get to maximize your wonderful experience and fun! 01. Know Your Objectives Everybody travels for different reasons. The first step is to ensure you are very clear about what you want to get out of your travel. Do you prefer shopping, or do you want to immerse in the country's culture? Do you just want to simply recharge your body batteries perhaps? 02. Tailor Your Trip To Meet Those Objectives Your choice of hotels, attractions is related to your objectives. If you want lots of family bonding, an all-inclusive resort might be the cho

5 Things That Are Surprisingly Good For You

We are highlighting 5 'bad' things that may be good to you, if used moderately. 1) Listening to Loud Music There is actually scientific poof that music's intensity is strongly correlated to the pleasure it brings. The louder, the more pleasure it brings. However, exposure to loud music constantly will damage your eardrums and may lead to loss of hearing too. On a general note, you can listen to music at 85 decibels for 8 hours, but if it is increased to 88 decibels, you should only listen to it for 4 hours. 2) Texting, Not Talking Based on a recent survey by an international internet-based firm, 43% of respondents felt mobile phones improved family communications. Texting may be appealing to

Happy Vesak Day!

EduzTuition wishes everyone a Happy Vesak Day! Please be informed that there will be no lessons on 10th May 2017 and centre will be closed.

Happy Labour Day!

Eduz Tuition wishes everyone a Happy Labour Day! Please be informed that centre will be closed on 1st May 2017 and there will be no lessons conducted.


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